Apply it to skin irritations, minor burns, sunburns, insect bites and bruises. It will help to heal and relax tense muscles and eliminate muscle fibers. Lavender oil is one of the few that can be applied directly to the skin.


Before going to bed, massage your feet with a little olive, almond or other base oil to which you have added 2-3 drops of lavender oil. It will help microcirculation, relax you, help you fall asleep more easily. It is useful for disinfecting the skin and preventing the appearance of fungi.


A few drops of oil on your little one's toy before putting it to sleep will help calm the child, and the toy will repel moths and mites. A few drops of oil on the pillow and on the sheets will have the same effect.


Drop some oil on your palms, rub them and put them in a position as if you want to collect water. Bring it closer to your face and breathe deeply. The same method helps if you panic. You can put a few drops of oil on a tissue and inhale to relax in stressful situations.


A few drops of lavender oil applied to the temples and the back of the neck can help against headaches. Gently massage the oil. The strong aroma may be irritating to the eyes, but bear with it for a few minutes and you will feel calm.


For a cold or sore throat, put a little lavender oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale. You can also make tea from 1 teaspoon of lavender flowers and 2 dcl of hot water. You can drink the tea or gargle with it to suppress sore throats.


All the aforementioned conditions can be alleviated by aromatic baths with lavender oil and aromatherapy salts. Salt cleanses the body and removes toxins, while essential oils relax and heal the body. Lavender oil or other essential oils usually need to be mixed with a little milk to disperse properly in the water. Oil is lighter than water and would float on the surface unless diluted in milk and then mixed with water.



  • After the completion of the distillation process using water vapor of some plant material containing essential oils - the final product is separated into two parts. The water vapor that passes through the plant material carries with it both oil-soluble plant components, as well as those soluble in the water medium. After cooling the water vapor, it separates into two parts, which makes it possible to separate the essential oil from the aqueous solution. The first part consists of essential oil, and the second part is an aqueous solution on the surface of which the essential oil floats - hydrolate.

    We use hydrolates for cosmetic purposes as natural tonics, or as an aqueous phase in the production of creams, gels, emulsions and masks. Except in cosmetics, they are hydrolatted

  • they can be used both in cooking and for therapeutic purposes: as drops for the nose, eyes, ears as well as for vaginal washes. For the purpose of use as nose drops or vaginal rinses, hydrolates must be isotonized, and in the case of eye drops, their pH must also be adjusted.

    In cosmetics, the simplest use is to apply the hydrosol to a cleansed face, after which we apply nourishing oils and or creams to the skin still moist from the hydrosol - in this way, we have given the skin everything that a cream would give it - both the water and fat phases.


    it is ideal for the care of almost all skin types, due to its balanced pH value (5.6-5.9). It acts regenerating, purifying, cooling; helps with insect bites; it is ideal as a spray to refresh the face during the summer heat, it helps with burns after sunbathing. It is excellent for the care of sensitive skin, as well as for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. After depilation, it can be combined with laurel hydrolat, in order to prevent infections and redness of the skin. Together with immortelle hydrolate, it works excellently to prevent hair growth. Applied before sunscreen, it helps maintain skin moisture during sun exposure and prevents damage caused by wind and high temperatures.


    It has an anti-inflammatory effect, enhances the absorption of hematomas, promotes the healing of wounds and scars, and reduces swelling. Strongly regenerates skin cells and increases blood flow. In skin care, it is ideal for sensitive and tired skin. It is used as an excellent water base for making rich moisturizing creams, as well as lavender hydrolat