About Us

Who are we

Loyal and trusting customers like you recognized what we strived to do from the beginning. Natural is simple, pure, clean, embedded in local culture and everywhere arounds us. Like your favourite creations today – pure natural hand made soaps, pure body balms, ointments, salves, body oils, essential oils and aromatherapy sachets that make you feel safe and confident about what you put on your skin and in your home.
I am Daniel. My dream was to bring the lush imperial lifestyles of the distant days back into the lives of our family, friends and people who told me endless stories of recipes and essential folk wisdom cures that were given to us by old empires which ruled our enchanting lands for centuries.  
You recognized the passion, love and connection embedded in every product that comes out of our workshop. Without that, it wouldn’t be possible to bring back to life eternal old recipes, almost forgotten in chests and drawers of our grandmothers. Now those recipes deliver enchanting old royal style products to trusting customers all over Europe and even in far away lands like Japan, China and USA.
Today, we are proud to be one of the drivers of change of the natural farming landscape in Croatia and the regions. Our energy and organic lavender farming experience helped many more to revive their ancestral lands – in harmony with nature.
Many customers like you found that our products helped them look better and live better lives, either through aromatherapy or by using our folk medicine based natural skin care.