About Us

Why choose us?

You support a product that really works and helps, product that is made from carefully selected natural ingredients, an operation that is made of family members and neighbours, a location which is recovering from long period of neglect and hard life. Each soap is a collection of ancient knowledge mixed together by hands of hardworking parents, sons, sisters and brothers.

Each cream contains much more precious butters and oils than you would imagine. Because we respect you, if you select our body butter, it will have about 60% of cocoa and shea butter inside. Skin balms and salves will have pure beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil up to 80% of the total content while soaps are minimum 50% olive oil and rest coconut and palm oil enriched with true essential oils. Your body will recognize the power of rich natural skin nutrients if you give it a chance.
Products you see are tested on family and friends. And they work due to our respect for natural elements and ancient wisdom used to create them. Thousands of our followers, people like you, trust us to take care of them like we would of ourselves.